October 27, 2008



Promise you guys everything will back to normal after SPM~!

*~TeRrY~* T_T

October 3, 2008

Moments Like This

Yesterday.. friends and I went to have a movie.. which was a malay movie called KAMI.. all it came out of sudden.. I didnt even have any idea what the movie is all about..

Desmond told me that we are going to have a malay movie.. my first reaction was like what the hell? malay movie? ok.. dont blame me.. I seldom watch malay movie or you can even say that I didnt watch Malay movie before.. lol..

ok.. jump.. Desmond gave me a ride to DP ytd.. *thanks dude* and then of course went to GSC cinema..
there were 8 of us.. me,Desmond,Terrence aka fatty :p,Shanwayne,Calynn,Jasmine,Felicia and Jeannie..
the movie started at 5 clock.. but then at that moment we were still too early for the movie.. so decided to went for camwhore.. lol..

Wayne and those chicks.. chick chick?


look carefully.. thats a gap between the boys n girls..

Example like this photo..-


Boys.. haha.. see.. everyone like shy shy only.. lol..


ok.. then is the movie.. I was planning to have a good sleep at the starting.. but then.. you cant underestimate the local production k.. It catched my entire attention.. what can I say.. lol.. It was a great production and you dont ever feel like the time was passing very slowly when watching it..the story is simple about life of teenagers, music and friendship.. And also a comedy movie.. lol..
That was a part which reminds me about malays with bad attitude. *you know I know ler*
I told Terrence "there.. those Babi Melayu exactly the same in this movie" He reacted with a smack on my hand..
lol.. I didnt even realise that everyone in the cinema were Malays accept for 8 of us.. hiak hiak hiak.. A must watch movie for teenagers..

ok.. after movie.. camwhore again.. lol.. dont blame us.. the view of sunset was very attractive ytd..

Check out those shoes and slippers.. XD

Ok... Went to "Wok n Pan" to had our dinner.. slrpp.. Mexican Pork Cutlet.. aku banyak suka babi! finished off everything.. then we planned to go to a place that the girls think are very scary.. sounds like haunted house in their blog when they last visited it.. lol..so for we guys.. definitely a place that need to check it out.. The place is called "Cheng Ho Tea House"

haha.. lol.. when we reached there.. the girls were still a little afraid of that place.. but then I feel like the place were so cool.. haha..

Until that I can
Act like a DJ.. Give It Out to DJ TC! XD

lol.. that place was actually a museum to displace some chinese antique stuffs.

The entrance is cool..

see those leaves... looks like stucking in the middle of jungle.

We didnt stay at there for too long cause we dont enjoy tea.. so off to Fatty's house.. chit chat for a long time and balik rumah..

Kami rocks!

*~TeRrY~*Hidup ini memang
puki palat,tapi esok masih ada..

October 1, 2008

I got a Love Letter!

It came to my house like this..

Found it in my letter box.. It was a "Love" letter from my school.. haha..

Click on the image for a better view.

wtf.. 12 days of ponteng and they send me this.. nevermind..
Let me have some fun with it..

Like this..
Love love.. Kiss kiss..

And then this..

And finally like this..

Pecah Belah..

Looking forward for another "Love" letter..
Hit me baby one more time! :p

*~TeRrY~*A bad Student!