November 29, 2008

Its all over..

Everything is over..! Hell yeah SPM.. I can finally say goodbye to you from my life! wtf.. not gonna miss you.. lol.. and hell dont come and ask me how was the exam.. I am not gonna answer you.. XD
I am back to the blogosphere and the air at here is so fresh.. lol..
hem.. its been so fast yet so long.. the end of SPM.. same goes to the end of my secondary school's life.. No more wearing silly long short in green colour and tuck my shirt in like a AH Pek.. No more waking up at 6.15 in the morning with noisy alarm ringtone.. And no more touching books.. *at least for now*

Here are some random pictures of mine and friends.. enjoy because you wont see us in these silly cloths again.. lol..

This is the last day of SPM!

Dont get it wrong.. this is not my school.. was at shopping complex. XD

Best thing about school's life is that you can always bully people.. muahaha..

And this is what I called Cina Babi.. lol..

two botakS..

It just too good to be true.. thanks god for everyone that appeared in my life.. and thanks to every teachers that teached me.. I am so gonna miss all of you.. but for now.. Its PARTY TIME!

*~TeRrY~* We ROCKS!