May 31, 2008

Prank Call

lol.. guess what.. i just received a prank call from my frens... that bunch of monkeys in KL.. I will name them out... haha.. wee loon,terrence,desmond and obviously that is very irritating for me.. but it is also quite funny ler.. hahaha... when i got the call i though that is calvin that prank me.. sorry calvin..~ haha.. but calvin do prank ppls some time.. so I tot that this time is my turn to get prank... haha.. so here goes the convo-

Sorry ppls.. Its not Desmond who pranked me.. It was Wee Loon... haha.. Blur me~

Desmond(if i am not mistaken):HALO~! Ini gui geng kan! apasal hari itu awak buang popcorn kat saya di cinema??

Me :Halo..~huh?? buang popcorn??(I am still wondering whether i did that o not) siapa lu??

Desmond :Siapa I you tak payah tau.. Cb lu..(they used some bad words) apa sal?? nak cari gaduh ah?

Me :hahaha..(I luff cause i knew was my fren) apa lu?? Nak cari gaduh datang la!
ingat aku takut ah!

Desmond :apa lu ketawa ketawa... mana kamu?? saya datang cari kamu!

Me :apa?? fck.. i tinggal di pertam jaya! datang la!

Desmond :Pertam jaya ke? mana mana? pertam punya mana??(sounds like wanna eat me)

Me :Pertam jaya la! lorong 15! datang la! aku tunggu awak!! mana lu??!?!

Desmond :I sekarang kat DP!(he is a real noobie.. 12 sumthing ald still at there DP.. sum more tonight still raining) saya akan datang rumah kamu!

Me :Datang la! sekarang! nak cari gaduh kan! mari la!

Desmond :ok.. sekarang sudah sampai! kat rumah kamu! keluar sekarang!(just a few seconds only he ald at my hse from DP.. haha... tot jumper meh~)

Me :apa?? tadi awak cakap awak di DP.. sekarang sudah sampai rumah saya!!?!

Desmond :arhhh... nanti! aku panggil tai koh saya cakap sama lu!

Me :okok.. aku tunggu!

Terrence : HALO! apa lc?!?!? nak cari gaduh ah? mahu mati ah?

Me :apa lc? ingat awak tai koh aku takut ah!!

Terrence :sekarang aku kat basketball court! keluar sekarang!

Me :basketball court?? pergi mampus la! ingat aku tak tau kamu siapa ke? Fcking Terrence!(I noe his voice very well when he speak bad words~ he got the baba nyonya slang)

Terrence :(Every1 luff together.. and they hang out the phone)

So.. that is very obvious.. they are too bored at the hotel.. haha.. n i dun blame them cause they are just entertaining their ownself~ haha.. lol.. and also they are using loudspeaker.. cause i can heard ppls keep on luffing..

erm.. talk bout today... i was a lazy bum the whole day.. on9.. on9 and on9.. seriously i got nothing to do... so sien er... haizz..i am regreting.. why i din follow that bunch of monkeys to KL.. surely wont miss out the next time when got trip wit them..

so.. ok.. i gonna sleep now.. tomor got to go for car amali at MSDC.. lol... wish me luck ppls~! Buh Bye!


May 30, 2008

So who's the next Blue's Leader?

Ok.. well its a miracle... I also do no why la... ytd i slept nearly 4am.. but today woke up 10am.. lol... even my grandmom also terkejut.. haha.. I usually dont wake up so early.. I only do when I got something need to do..

So.. Who's the next Blues Manager?? I cant tahan anymore.. they makes ppl suspect n to avram grant.. he ald did what he cans.. really need to thanks him for his contribution.. oh yea.. did i forget to tell you that I am a die hard Chelsea's fan.. haha.. no matter what that is always 1 and only 1 for me.. That is Chelsea FC! haha.. ok.. so as ppls keep on suspecting.. the reporters surely wont miss out the chances to tembak here n there..

They are...
Roberto Mancini
Look at him... He got his confidence..haha..

Luiz Felipe Scolari
He got a big smile.. :)

Frank Rijkaard
Wink... His curly hair is just simply the best..

Mark Hughes
He is a former Blue's legends

well I guess there is more on the list.. but these four here are the most probably so no matter what decision the chairman made.. I wont be mad.. I will still a True Blue... haha.. n erm.. perhaps everything are just for chelsea's future good... I personally.. personally la.. hopes that rijkaard can get the job.. maybe he can bring some Barca talents with him.. like Bojan.. Messi.. they are still young and good.. thumbs up..

well k la.. I gonna chao ald.. will be back for more.. toddles!
*Do listen Given Up by Linkin Park*


Be a 17

Hey ppl~ I am back to blog... haha.. Its quite long time i didnt blog..
guest what... i even forget the password to enter my own blog.. how dumb er..haha.. and well luckily Blogger allows pw reset or else you wont be seeing me blogging again.. haha..

So ok 17... what i feel is nothing special.. haha.. obviously I am still me.. but accept for sooner i will be DRIVING! triple yes.. haha.. I want to have a license so badly.. dui.. my sis told me that after getting it for a time i wont feel like driving lagi.. but who cares.. haha.. what i mean is now..! lol.. I want to drive myself go kai kai.. haha.. n erm perhaps hang out wit a bunch of frens.. lol..

oh.. so yea.. now i am 17 for 3 days ald.. n erm.. these 3 days I keep going out.. and right now is HOLIDAY lagi.. macam mana boleh tak mau keluar kan? haha.. "17 liao ah... now you got wings can fly around ald izzit?"-my mom told me that everytime i came back.. haha.. lol.. so hard to miss a word from her everyday.. so.. I been going mp n dp these days...
first day is shopping and to celebrate my birthday n calvin too.. lol.. Calvin told me that he saw me beside him when the day i born... haha.. we both have same birthday... but I am still elder than him a few hours.. haha..
so second day i went for movie wit frens.. Narnia~ lol.. i really cant sat still.. 2 hours plus le... haha.. besides of talking animal in that movie.. there's a character-prince caspian.. he is very handsome.. real handsome.. you can check it out yourself.. but i do no ler.. if your taste tak sama dengan I.. haha.. 3rd day.. not much actually.. morning went for extra classes.. n then went back.. i only went out at night.. went SKE.. campfire night for FC.. lol.. they shouldnt name it campfire ler.. should be Camp-party... no fire.. how to have campfire right~ haha.. and after that I and my frens went *A Mo Te*.. I ordered a A12 that is erm honey wit sea coconut.. the sweetness i tell u~ herm.. I gonna get diabetes soon.. haha.. after that we sat inside the car and went around melaka... not the whole melaka la actually.. just a few places.. haha.. then i back to home..

So now is 3.35am.. lol.. i am still so energetic!! argh.. how?!?
i must hit the bed now.. cant continue lagi... later tomor cant get up early.. so BB every1..

*P/s- thanks for every ride to desmond.. he drives like a pro.. haha..*

May 4, 2008

1st Entry.....

Hola hola... this is my first entry....
n welcome every1 to my very own blog...
are u asking me why am i blogging??
duhh.. seriously, its just for fun lerr..
i also not very sure bout tat... haha...
well maybe blogging can reminds my old memory back on something tat happens to me kua..
i guess so.. haha..
i am still getting use to blogging..
cause i din really blog before.. so..
alright.. i will cut short on this.. right now is 1.49a.m
too bad this entry will come to an end cause
i need to rush back to my "lovely" books..

this is 1 day to mid-term...
wonder why am i still blogging here?? haha..
lol.. I just need some air..
till to see u all next time.. toddles..