July 30, 2008

Black suits me well

ok.. whatever it is.. I am busy these days and cant manage to blog..
will be back for more..!

alamak haih... I felt so guilty today.. -_-
I had broke jasper's teeth while in the pj..
it was accidentally k.. I didnt mean it.. perhaps I dont wish to harm any of my friends...
yes again.. what can I do now is just apologize.. and well jasper already said that its alright to me..
lol.. I still feel very bad ler... whatever its.. just want to tell jasper again that I am very very SORRY to break his bunny teeth.. lol... I gonna miss your teeth jasper!


July 15, 2008

Heading To Stadium Shah Alam!

This is TRUE! Damn TRUE! Chelsea Fc is coming to Malaysia..! and triple yes for me as a chelsea's fan.. lol..
I got this info from Star newspaper back in april.. lol.. damn happy when I got the news.. and I told myself that 100% guarantee to attend the football match.. this is a must for me whatever it takes.. XD

Chelsea didnt come to Malaysia before.. so this is a golden opportunity for all the fans in Malaysia to watch them play live..of course ler not the same you seen on tv.. since I cant afford to go London and watch them play.. is better they come to my country.. lol.. this shows how appreciate they are on the malaysia's fans... :) for months I've been waiting for the ticket to sell and they only started selling on july..

these are my tickets..

I bought two tickets..1 for myself and other for my sis... the ticket are in many prices.. RM33,RM53,RM83 and RM103.. I bought the RM103 tickets.. since it only difference in 20ringgits.. lol.. I used my own pocket money to bought those tickets k!

I am sitting on the Red colour area..

Its on the 29th of July.. and all the seats are free sitting.. I am going to sit the infront row...! lol... hopefully la.. :) they are playing against our national football team... you know how strong are them.. for Malaysia's fans dont worry.. its just a friendly match.. XD

Nak bocor berapa goal?

some of my friends told me that it is not worth of watching them play because they are bringing the reserve squad.. but wait all my friends out there.. you all are wrong.. In an article of Chelsea Fc's official website reads that 95-99% of the full squad will travel east.. stated by the new boss..

Luiz Felipe Scolari aka Big Phil..

by now. all the players in Chelsea had began to train for their pre-season match.. lol.. I am looking forward to see this man..

John Terry.. <3

he is the person I admired the most and he is the captain of Chelsea first team.. lol.. just cant wait to see the squad..!

Guys out there if you are interest too.. log on to ticketpro
or go to adidas shop at dataran to purchase the ticket at the counter..

Group Thirty Six Sdn Bhd
Lot BE 023A & 25,
Lower Floor
Dataran Pahlawan Megamall
75000 Melaka

Till here.. don worry I will be back to post an entry+photos about the match.. lol.. everyone are not allow to bring camera to the stadium but I will try my way to bring it in.. hehe!

*~TeRrY~*-The True Blue

Leo Installation of SMK Yong Peng

This is so long ago... lol.. cant manage to blog it because my com had some problems last weekend.. but now it is all ok..
Well my school had been invited to join the installation of SMK Yong Peng.. It is quite far from malacca actually.. but we still supported them anyway..
For your info.. Leo Installation is actually a formal function that installs the new incoming committees and farewell to the current committees..

So we rented a van to went there and well its quite expensive.. About 15 of us from my school went to there.. it took 1 hour something to travels from malacca to yong peng.. and dam I am very boring while sitting inside the van.. lol.. here's some pics I took...

this is Bok and Jay... smiles :)

some where at the highway.. nice view isnt it?

lol.. my ass just can sit still and yeap the time past very slowly.. it was a dinner. so we went there around 5 clock and reached at yong peng around 6 clock.. we rented a van and dont find it hard to look for the restaurant they asked us to went.. here it's..

Rong Cheng Restaurant...

me and jeremy..

My school is the only school that from malacca.. and for the other schools that joint their installation.. there were mostly from outstation like Muar,Segamat and Johor Town...and many more that from other places.. Luckily.. all of them are friendly.. :) well.. we exchanged our own school's info so that they can call us up for their own installation..

the stage was well decorated.. lol..

The installation was quite good actually.. It had lot of performances like singing,dancing and sketch... well.. they did a great job.. there is only 1 problem for the whole function... it was the emcees.. lol.. they spoke english in a kind of very funny way.. lol.. I will stop here.. it is n0t good to talks bad about ppls..! XD

Here's their incoming com.. lol.. a huge board.. about 30 something of them..

we had our dinner at there.. we paid rm8 for the ticket. the food is not very nice actually but still managed to put in my mouth.. XD
And the function ended about 10clock..

me taking souvenir from the incoming president..

they are from SMK Muar

this is from SMK Segamat...

We took the van again to back to malacca and reached about 12clock.. dam late.. the driver drove very very slow.. lol...

So ok.. I will stop here.. 1 last pic to show you guys.. XD

this is the back view of Rong Cheng Restaurant.. luckily that I am still fine after eating those food...
So will you visit this place? XD


July 11, 2008

Mistake Spotted

ok.. everyone make mistakes in their life.. and well I think it is always ok if you can correct yourself.. more over no one is 100% perfect bukan? lol..
I spotted a mistake from The Star newspaper... it was on last week.. that is 4th of July.. well I am not being mean about this issue.. I and my friend-Palmer had a word's war on that.. lol.. here it is..

It shows Chelsea player Florent Malouda in the pic..

But wait... It wasnt the right person is shown.. I am a chelsea fan and I know how does every players look like.. the 1st moment I saw that.. I quickly denied and very sure that it wasnt Malouda.. well.. Palmer said the newspaper cant be wrong and scolded me with the word "noob" or bodoh something like that and also laughed at me cause I cant recognized how the player looks like.. T_T *come on.. I cant be wrong ler*
At that moment I thought so I am wrong and I even thought that maybe he went for plastic surgery.. lol.. XD

Obviously I am not very happy about that and decided to search the net to make sure how Malouda looks like... XD

Ahah! This is how he looks like...!

told cha.. I cant be wrong because I know how each of the chelsea's players look like.. and for that guy in the newspaper was...

*Eric Abidal*

lol.. I am not mad about this.. yeap like I said just now.. everyone do make mistakes in their life..
Think that I am wrong?? think again! muahaha :)

*~TeRrY~*-tHe True Blue

July 2, 2008

Laziness slams me...

brrr... dont blames me because I dont update my blog.. I am just not in the mood for the past days... or you can say I am just being lazy..lol.. now i am slightly in the mood and well I am quite boring right now..
so erm.. I am suppose to update my blog for the past weekend.. lol.. well do no why I just dont feel like blogging.. yes.. i also do no why.. and these days I keep myself away from my computer... well about 3 to 4 days?
ok.. I will tell you guys about my last Saturday.. it was the school's marathon.. yeap that running program for about 10km which held annually.. and dont expect me to run.. I went to school because I had no choice.. those who ponteng will kena sumbat.. haha.. so I obey the school 's rules lo.. *konon* it actually turns out to be sitting down at McD and had my breakfast.. lol.. it was fun.. felt so relax when looking ppls run here and there.. I ordered one cup of Milo Ice with two pies.. hiak hiak.. and guess what.. I and my friends still managed to be back at school before some other guys that ran like hell.. We didnt go to the check point station actually.. lol.. we took shortcut and thats why we were faster... XD

After that..It was about 11clock.. We went to DP to redeem free tickets! that was the best thing I had for last week.. we redeemed 6 tickets... the movie we watched was Water Horse.. It started at 1clock something so we went to have our early lunch 1st..

We went to Pizza Hut... yum yum..

After lunch.. we were lepaking around and just let our times fly so that we can go for the movie.. ok.. DP's GSC is the latest cinema in Malacca.. and well you know how many cinemas GSC got in our country.. My friends told me that it is the 2nd biggest cinema that GSC got in Malaysia and yea.. it really very big but I am not sure about the 2nd biggest thingg cause I do no how big are other cinemas.. But I am 100% sure that it is the biggest in Malacca.. poor MBO just cant compares.. show you guys some of the photos that I captured.. ok.. maybe only to those who didnt go before..

That's the counter..

<3 popcorns

Entrance to the cineplex..

just being crazy.. lol..

It got 10 cineplexes.. but poor that it dont have golden and premier class.. or else it would be nicer.. haha.. we actually wanted to snaps pics in the cinema... erm.. I mean the entrance there before going in the cineplex.. but one of the worker came to us and stopped us for taking pics.. -_-
lol... so we had no choice.. went to the toilet and camewhore... haha..

Ignores that black guy which behind of us.. XD

well k.. the movie was great and I think it is a quality cinema... lol.. I am going there for Mr.Hancock tomor.. :)
K ppl... I will stop here..and I am awaiting to be a P driver! XD
till here... thanks for reading.. toddles~

P.S - I am not dead k Jeannie...!