March 18, 2009

Shan aka Ah Wayne

Shan is what I always call him.. and Ah Wayne is what Digi colleagues like to call him.. he felt sibehh cina with that... here are some infos about him.. =)

He sleep in the car when he's not working...

A good poser.. XD
A good prayer.. Click to enlarge who's the "lucky" person..
And some nasty thought..

And moree..

Ohhh.. dont give me that look.. zzz..

Toys?! I dono.. You can ask him by yourself..

And no doubt.. I sayang him very muchh.. :)

*~TeRrY~*Friends Forever..!

5 Horsemen

ok.. this is about Genting & KL trip that I spent with 4 hunks.. sounds gay.. but yet it was fun.. A 4 days 3 nights trip.. We went to Genting and stayed at 1st world for 1 night.. more pics will do.. lazy wanna type.. haha..

the 1st pic that we took together..

yeahh.. we like our rooms..

This guy is a shit machine.. shit out the whole trip.. XD

ohh... forget about this. stupid fart lock trying to annoyed me..

We leaved our bags at the rooms.. then went down to had some fun.. We went to snow world.. Pictures below were took illegally in the snow world..

Cold And Great..

We went for Motion Picture too.. ahaha.. You dont want to know what happened inside the cinema.. sign of _I_ were flying around.. haha..

Some camwhore and some stupid stuffs that we did..

He's hawt.. and Des just cant tahan..

So am I..

You can call me Muhammad Terry if you like..

We took this when we were about to check out..
Ok.. the next day... We went out to the outdoor theme park... We tried everything.. from the kanak kanak one.. to the super scary one.. and flying coaster were super fun!

ok.. this is the kanak kanak 1.. haha..

What a nice number. 88

I love this bus.. its going to Chelsea..! yea.. and we know Chelsea Roxx!

He's trying to add some fuel to it.. Just incase the bus don't have enough..

SupermanS in action..!

Ok finish... We took this pic.. and went down to KL.. thats nothing much about KL.. We didnt took enough of picture at there.. Due to Mr.Lag forgot to bring his cam charger..

We went to Petaling Street for yamcha..

And met up some angmos.. I dont like that guy.. He supports Liverpool.. Yucks..

Ok. I will end this up with some funny look of us..

btw.. I felt sorry for Jasmine Gan cause she tak dapat pergi NS.. looks healthy but not healthy.. nyahahaha.. and for my other friends who are going to NS.. best of luck to you.. I will be missing you guys here at Melaka..

*~TeRrY~*Can we have it again?

March 16, 2009

One Day at a Time

Never look into the future
For you’ll miss the present moment
Never look behind at past
For it’s already over and spent

Future has much in store
But not as soon as now
Past is something, gone….elapsed,
And not to worry how

Let me take the day as it comes
Not perturbed about the future
Or for that matter even the past
Something we aren’t so sure

One day at a time it is
The best way to have vim and vigour
No tensions and no worries
Lest you want a life of rigour

Just live today as it is
Not wondering about past or future
For tomorrow’s yet to come
And yesterday’s long past over