December 27, 2009


It's late in the evening,
She's wondering what clothes to wear,
She puts on her make up,
And brushes her long black hair
She asked me,
'Do I look alright?'
And I say yes, you look wonderful tonight

We go to a party,
Everyone turns to see,
This pretty girl,
That's walking around with me
She asked me,
'Do you feel alright?'
And I say yes, I feel wonderful tonight.

I feel wonderful,
Because I see the love light in your eyes,
And the wonder of it all,
Is that you just don't realize
How much I love you.


December 1, 2009


Signing off with a smile! :)

July 17, 2009

GooD Luck Ah Boy!

We gila together..

We Emo together..

Camwhore together..

"DJ" together..
*nice edit*

And many more that I cant even list them out.. it's been a great journey together.. Well.. something to tell youuu.. ok.. better dont tackle perempuan utara.. haha.. and yea.. dont always go Thailand.. I know it is near at there.. take care yourself and rmb to wear mask.. H1N1 you know.. lol.
Always know that you will do well.. waving you off with tears.. T_T nahh.. all of us here are happy for you laa.. Good luck there my friend..!

*~TeRrY~*better come back more often..

June 1, 2009

I love my class..!

Its like a complete transformation for my class during last Saturday.. Well actually not that much la.. just the wall painting... We actually started our work last Friday.. before we do the painting on the wall.. we scrapped out all of the old painting first. so its like so many work to do.. but I found it fun to work.. and yeah.. teamwork is what its all about.. Shan got tricked by me to become baruah for a day.. anyway.. thanks for the help man.. :) appreciate it a lot.. and thanks to all of my classmates in putting so much of effort in it.. definitely a nice place to study..

scrap n scrap..

we got a visit from tay's daughter.. :)

showing my wolverine face.. nice capture Jas.. haha.

all hail the kings!

Second day...

Sesat Shaun..

here comes the interesting part.. me and mek nonstop kacau-ing Jas to ambil gambar.

See that blue shirt guy.. its TianQi.. he's my monitor and he's leaving to MMU.. T_T
good luck man!

oh.. and yeah.. thanks to Pn. Samsiah for helping us out.. thats her.. the tudung lady..

me with the ah apek chasing people look..

And also..

Good luck to Lionel who's going off to France.. take care my friend.. Sa lut..

And and also..!
Happy Birthday to my Mummy..! your little boy loves you alot!
*dont gimme that yucks look*

*~TeRrY~*Enjoying holidays!

May 29, 2009

Its holiday AGAIN..!

So whats up ppls.. yeap.. after spending my 3 weeks at MHS.. its holiday again for me.. gonna plan something fun to do during these 2 weeks time.. and not to forget revision on my studies... thats what doraemon told us this morning.. he damn cute la.. And dont worry I wont let him down.. Cause I'm a good boy.. :) k move on.. I had started my crazy maths tuition last week. 4 days a week.. oh my.. nvm.. I will arrange my time properly this time.. So.. talk about school life.. MHS is fun.. especially with those crazy classmates.. they are a little bit shy shy... I think they havent warm up yet.. lol.. after holiday everyone should be alright.. Tomorrow is Saturday.. I still need to go back to my school.. Thats something crazy going to happen tomorrow... stay tune at my blog know about it.. I had my first assembly this morning.. Mr.Chong was shouting all the way.. Like a mad dog? I do no.. you can ask the others yourself.. Shanwayne joined us at MHS for a day.. he was lucky that not to be catch for the whole day.. and today is my dad's birthday... So Happy Birthday old man! :)

this photo was taken by Yeo Ah Peng.. thats my Form 6 Diciplin teacher's tie..

Looks nice isnt it? haha.. XD

*~TeRrY~*Some how I think that Mr.Chong is practising nazisme in MHS..

May 13, 2009

Not there yet...

I am glad that my computer are now back in 1 piece.. finally.. it took about 3 weeks to let it back to normal.. and my blog is about 5 weeks already since the last update.. but not there yet.. I cant let it just die just like that.. and if you dont like reading.. its ok to leave now.. Cause I wont be able to upload some pictures to let you see for this post.. Pictures will be upload until my cellphone is back.. currently using a "canggih" phone with 8 Mpix of camera.. k la.. I dont wan to do the cocking right now.. I am so damn bored..

Talk about now.. just started my form 6 life this week.. still adapting to the schooling life.. after 6 months of holiday it can be a little hard to wake up at 6 clock in the morning after all... MHS is fine and SFI will always be in my memory.. the canteen food at here sucks badly.. and also the toilet compare to the previous.. its like hell and heaven.. ok la.. its time to hit the bed now... or else I wont be able to park my car at machine gun tomorrow.. nites.. will be back for more..

*~TeRrY~*Who let the dogs out?

April 3, 2009

Shout Out Loooonnnnggggg

Premier League is currently having its break time due to the World Cup qualification for next year.. so I was finding some highlight videos from Footytube.. erm.. some South America football cause they dont show South America's football that much at Astro..
I am not criticizing the commentators in this post.. I just find it funny when the moment a team scores they can shout Goooooooaaaallllll for like for so long.. haha.. I calculated.. it was about 10 seconds they can last... I couldnt understand their language.. but I think their feeling can go 100% high when a team scores.... oh my.. and then their words are like M16 machine gun.. couldnt stop.. dont believe me? click the videos to see yourself.. haha..

If you think some funny sound effect when Brazil scored is funny enough.. wait till you see the video below..

Poor Argentina got beaten so badly by this unknown team..

Now I can know why they dont show South America's football that much in Astro..South Americans play beautiful football and I hope they dont introduce this kind of commentating to the Europeans.. lol.. and last but not least...

And he really did that.. Good one Crouchy!

*~TeRrY~*Just pull out the rope!

April 1, 2009

Foolers are around me.

Well.. nothing much about today.. totally bored at home.. and so I was checking on Youtube moments ago..

ok.. see this.. I find this cool.. This arawana tear a mice into pieces.. damn kau lat..

So you think it is cool? no no.. what I about to show you will be much more cooler than that.. and I still cant figure out whats that monster like thing.. It only used a second to finish up the duck.. You can hear the duck was screaming for help.. how pity it was.. the sound is a little bit too soft.. so I advise you to turn up your speaker louder.. ok here you go..

*~TeRrY~*April Fool.!

March 18, 2009

Shan aka Ah Wayne

Shan is what I always call him.. and Ah Wayne is what Digi colleagues like to call him.. he felt sibehh cina with that... here are some infos about him.. =)

He sleep in the car when he's not working...

A good poser.. XD
A good prayer.. Click to enlarge who's the "lucky" person..
And some nasty thought..

And moree..

Ohhh.. dont give me that look.. zzz..

Toys?! I dono.. You can ask him by yourself..

And no doubt.. I sayang him very muchh.. :)

*~TeRrY~*Friends Forever..!

5 Horsemen

ok.. this is about Genting & KL trip that I spent with 4 hunks.. sounds gay.. but yet it was fun.. A 4 days 3 nights trip.. We went to Genting and stayed at 1st world for 1 night.. more pics will do.. lazy wanna type.. haha..

the 1st pic that we took together..

yeahh.. we like our rooms..

This guy is a shit machine.. shit out the whole trip.. XD

ohh... forget about this. stupid fart lock trying to annoyed me..

We leaved our bags at the rooms.. then went down to had some fun.. We went to snow world.. Pictures below were took illegally in the snow world..

Cold And Great..

We went for Motion Picture too.. ahaha.. You dont want to know what happened inside the cinema.. sign of _I_ were flying around.. haha..

Some camwhore and some stupid stuffs that we did..

He's hawt.. and Des just cant tahan..

So am I..

You can call me Muhammad Terry if you like..

We took this when we were about to check out..
Ok.. the next day... We went out to the outdoor theme park... We tried everything.. from the kanak kanak one.. to the super scary one.. and flying coaster were super fun!

ok.. this is the kanak kanak 1.. haha..

What a nice number. 88

I love this bus.. its going to Chelsea..! yea.. and we know Chelsea Roxx!

He's trying to add some fuel to it.. Just incase the bus don't have enough..

SupermanS in action..!

Ok finish... We took this pic.. and went down to KL.. thats nothing much about KL.. We didnt took enough of picture at there.. Due to Mr.Lag forgot to bring his cam charger..

We went to Petaling Street for yamcha..

And met up some angmos.. I dont like that guy.. He supports Liverpool.. Yucks..

Ok. I will end this up with some funny look of us..

btw.. I felt sorry for Jasmine Gan cause she tak dapat pergi NS.. looks healthy but not healthy.. nyahahaha.. and for my other friends who are going to NS.. best of luck to you.. I will be missing you guys here at Melaka..

*~TeRrY~*Can we have it again?