June 1, 2009

I love my class..!

Its like a complete transformation for my class during last Saturday.. Well actually not that much la.. just the wall painting... We actually started our work last Friday.. before we do the painting on the wall.. we scrapped out all of the old painting first. so its like so many work to do.. but I found it fun to work.. and yeah.. teamwork is what its all about.. Shan got tricked by me to become baruah for a day.. anyway.. thanks for the help man.. :) appreciate it a lot.. and thanks to all of my classmates in putting so much of effort in it.. definitely a nice place to study..

scrap n scrap..

we got a visit from tay's daughter.. :)

showing my wolverine face.. nice capture Jas.. haha.

all hail the kings!

Second day...

Sesat Shaun..

here comes the interesting part.. me and mek nonstop kacau-ing Jas to ambil gambar.

See that blue shirt guy.. its TianQi.. he's my monitor and he's leaving to MMU.. T_T
good luck man!

oh.. and yeah.. thanks to Pn. Samsiah for helping us out.. thats her.. the tudung lady..

me with the ah apek chasing people look..

And also..

Good luck to Lionel who's going off to France.. take care my friend.. Sa lut..

And and also..!
Happy Birthday to my Mummy..! your little boy loves you alot!
*dont gimme that yucks look*

*~TeRrY~*Enjoying holidays!