January 8, 2009

I miss these very much..!

Ok.. This will be my final post about Sg.. Its been so long that I am back.. and I still missing something about Sg.. especially this..

Kung Pao Froggies! Syok giler... Just cant resist it.. super yummy.

It came with a pot of porridge. I miss this so much..! slrrpp..

The view of tall buildings illustrated the busy life of Singaporeans.. they are always in a rush.. and not to forget some fun places that I had been..

Suntec City.. They had a huge Christmas tree and also a place for Shopaholic..

Thanks Nath for bringing me around..! Ice skating show was awesome..!

and this.. You will always see this in MRT.. lol.. I dont miss it.. XD

*~TeRrY~*Uniquely Singapore

January 5, 2009


When I was at Singapore.. I found it bored while stayed at the room.. It was Christmas.. So me and Chow Keat decided to went to the famous Singapore's Zoo.. lol.. It was fun and many things to see.. The air was fresh and smelled shits FREE..!

We waited about 45 mins to get our tickets.. there were so many ppls.

ok.. Zoo is all about animals.. let me show you those..

Otters.. fake one.. lol..


oh yeah.. I also found out something.. they do fish spa with their ass too.. XD



Sleeping Lion.. damn lazy..





And wtf is this? someone pls tell me if you know..

I was that close with cheetahs and it was staring at me.. keke..


Eventually.. they were having their business.. lol..

Nice ass.. lol.

hey Jynn.. I spotted your pet at zoo too..

Sibeh tua tiao.. lol..

My favourite of all snakes.. Rattlesnake..!

There were so many weird animals..

And also some weird names..

here it is.. Gila Monster.. and it wasnt gila..

Spotted this cute thing..

Camwhore.. lol..

The Croc is big right?

But I dono why its mouth looked like this.. poor..

Orang Utans are very similar to human arent they? Posing sial..
And nope.. its not Ah Meng..

This is Ah Meng and RIP!

Me and Chow Keat spent 4 hours at the Zoo.. It is so big.. the entrance fee is about $18 for 1 Adult.. Many things to see and super fun..! Oh yeah.. I missed out something..

White Tigers! And do you still remember this...?

*~TeRrY~*Roar! Roar! Roar!