April 3, 2009

Shout Out Loooonnnnggggg

Premier League is currently having its break time due to the World Cup qualification for next year.. so I was finding some highlight videos from Footytube.. erm.. some South America football cause they dont show South America's football that much at Astro..
I am not criticizing the commentators in this post.. I just find it funny when the moment a team scores they can shout Goooooooaaaallllll for like for so long.. haha.. I calculated.. it was about 10 seconds they can last... I couldnt understand their language.. but I think their feeling can go 100% high when a team scores.... oh my.. and then their words are like M16 machine gun.. couldnt stop.. dont believe me? click the videos to see yourself.. haha..

If you think some funny sound effect when Brazil scored is funny enough.. wait till you see the video below..

Poor Argentina got beaten so badly by this unknown team..

Now I can know why they dont show South America's football that much in Astro..South Americans play beautiful football and I hope they dont introduce this kind of commentating to the Europeans.. lol.. and last but not least...

And he really did that.. Good one Crouchy!

*~TeRrY~*Just pull out the rope!

April 1, 2009

Foolers are around me.

Well.. nothing much about today.. totally bored at home.. and so I was checking on Youtube moments ago..

ok.. see this.. I find this cool.. This arawana tear a mice into pieces.. damn kau lat..

So you think it is cool? no no.. what I about to show you will be much more cooler than that.. and I still cant figure out whats that monster like thing.. It only used a second to finish up the duck.. You can hear the duck was screaming for help.. how pity it was.. the sound is a little bit too soft.. so I advise you to turn up your speaker louder.. ok here you go..

*~TeRrY~*April Fool.!