August 19, 2008

Eat this..

For a long time.. Banana Leaf Rice have been one of a traditional dishes for the Indians and thanks to Terrence for introducing me this wonderful food today.. This is the 1st time I have Banana Leaf Rice and it tasted sensational.. XD
Ok.. this restaurant is called Restaurant Vazhai Elai or in English known as Banana Leaf Restaurant..

so ok.. after you ordered the food... the waiter will put a banana leaf infront of you and the banana leaf will act as your plate for you to put on your food..

after that the rice will come by..

follow with some dishes..


Terrence looks satisfied with his meal..

ok.. this place here is extremely clean and the service is good.. The best is that it doesnt charge you a single cent of customer service.. XD
It cost me RM13 for everything.. this can consider as cheap for banana leaf rice.. because the normal price is much more expensive than this..

Samy Vellu had been here before too...



August 13, 2008

Interested to go for NS?

The time has come! Is the time to reveal the list of ppl who going for National Service aka NS or PLKN..
This has become a hot topic for the Form 5s in my school..
The time when you seen a person that you know.. he will surely ask you a question like-

'Got Kena or not??'

ok fine..Our Babi government has planned the right time to makan our money by asking ppl to check on the result in sending SMS.. as for the website..
@#$%#@$.. click on that and you will know yourself..

So here are the two ways to get to know whether you 'Kena or not'..

PLKN semak (IC Number) and send it to 15888


NS (IC Number) and send it to 33995

*Advise to try on the 1st way because it only cost you RM0.20.. the 2nd way will cost you RM0.50*

As for myself-
RM0.20 PLKN:Maaf! 91052704**** tidak dipilih untuk menyertai PLKN. Terima Kasih..

ok.. I still cant believe it.. and again..

RM0.50 Harap maaf. Anda tidak terpilih untuk menyertai Program Latihan Khidmat Negara bagi sessi 6/2009

So ok.. guess so I am not in the list.. to cheer or not to cheer??
I still do no whether to be happy or to be sad.. Most of my friends reacted in the negative way when 15888 or 33995 congratulated them.. except for Kye Wei.. he forwarded the message that he got to everyone he know.. XD

hem.. So how about you there? Got Kena or not?

*~TeRrY~*Berkorban demi Negara!

August 10, 2008

What your boots say about you?


Sports psychologist, Dr. Martin Perry had made a research about the characteristics of a footballer according to the colour of football boot that he's using.. and hell I think it's so correct.. so here it goes-

The Old Pro: Black Boots

- A safe colour and suggests certainty and authority. Always worn traditional black boots, and always will.

Kaka like it the traditional way..

So as Ronnie
The Maestro: White Boots
- White represents purity and light and the Maestro oozes talent and class, and has everything except sweat-inducing work rate.

Beckham is definitely the class one.
The Hot Potato: Red Boots
- Red is an intense colour which generates emotions. This fire-brand is impetuous and rash and will make their mark on the game, and their opponents.

Babel is all fired up!
The Veteran: Blue Boots
- We look for blue skies, for peace and tranquility. He is convinced that his experience and nous more than makes up for a lack of pace. He switched to blue boots to demonstrate his coolness and calmness under pressure.

Here comes the troublemaker.. Drogba

The Enigma: Green Boots
- Here is a player who has the manager tearing his hair out in frustration. On his day, he can win a match by himself. One week, storming the barricades; next week, missing in action. Why? Who knows?

The Entertainer: Yellow Boots
- Yellow brings good cheer and optimism. Our yellow-booted entertainer is the life and soul of the team and shows lots of energy and enthusiasm.

Rooney.. The entertainer in Man U's dressing room.. XD

The Organiser: Brown Boots
- Our brown booted player will be a smartly turned out defender, unyielding and dependable with a penchant for a sliding tackle.

The Golden Boy: Gold Boots
- The colour of sun brings warmth and wisdom. He is super talented, but he might believe too much in his own publicity.

Beckham wore a real golden boot in his 100 appearances for England

The Headless Chicken: Silver Boots
- Silver offers light and balance, and he has speed and pace to burn. However he is sometimes known as a headless chicken and his passing can be erratic.

The Eccentric: Orange Boots
- Orange offers freedom and emotional release. Your orange booted player can be prone to impulsive decision making and heart stopping gaffes - the boots express his individuality and desire to be different.

That's no other than.. This Boy-Ronaldo

As for me.. I wear this-

Adidas Predator Absolute

So.. I think I belong to the White boot and a little of Blue boot..
Of course la.. my current boot are not that nice as in the picture and trust me you dont wanna know how it looks like after 10 months of using it..
oh yeah..

Ballack also wears the same boot as mine..

Ok.. maybe the next time you wanna let ppl know that you own two kinds of characteristic..

Just try on 2 types of different colour..

*~TeRrY~*-bootie hot!

August 6, 2008

Chelsea vs Malaysia XI

ok la.. finally I manage to blog about this.. It was quite a long time ago.. Me and my friends went to Shah Alam for a fantastic football match..
So it was tuesday.. I still went to the school just that I ponteng the last period.. super exciting.. lol. Packed my bag in not less than 5 mins and then shiu~ back to home.. This is the 1st time k.. I am not a bad student.. hiak hiak..
Get ready then followed desmond's dad car to KL..

Look how happy they were..

It took around 1 and a half hour to reach Shah Alam and thanks god that we managed to be at there without traffic jam.. I think its a quite cool stadium as from far you ald can see that its so big..

we reached there about 6.30.. at 1st it was suppose to have a heineken party for me and desmond because desmond have won a contest that held by cheesie.. 2 passes and desmond is so kind to bring me together with him.. BUT suddenly.. we heard that the party have canceled.. due to the the huan kia.. #@$%#@ babi betul!

So.. we end up in taking dinner at mamak... Cheesie told us that she'll be late.. so got no choice but to wait for cheesie to pass us the tickets..
I gave my ticket to chow keat 1st so that he could enter and help us to book some places 1st.. and also because I were very hiao excited to meet up cheesie.. XD

Me and desmond waited about 1 hour plus.. but she was still stuck in the traffic jam... we wait and wait and wait.. its fine.. but the only problem was that we cant tahan the screaming and yelling in the stadium.. we cooled ourself down by taking pictures..

waiting for cheesie~

photo taken by an indian uncle..

cheesie still cant manage to make it on time.. so she asked yeehou to pass us the tickets 1st.. and hell not only traffic jam in shah alam.. but also the hp network got all mixed up.. nonstop calling and smsing and finally got him.. by the time it had ald 8.45.. took the tickets from him and then quickly rush into the stadium.. *we dont blame them..*


there were so many ppls and lots of chelsea fans..

Some how spotted Malaysia fans.. but he was to scared to watch the match until he used the flag to cover up himself.. lol..

Super long bench of chelsea..

ok.. here are some pictures for the match..

Deco taking corner kick~

That's Scolari giving advice to Joe Cole..

Half-time.. Chelsea 1-0 up.. thanks to Anelka..

Orang gila in action.. no la.. just joking..
Do no where the hell he from..

during the half-time... we met Cheesie together with KY.. Of course we walked to them and said Hi to them... haha.. super cool.. KY's bunny teeth is even bigger than the pictures that in his blog compare to the real person...
so nothing much about the 2nd half.. Ashley Cole scored 1 and chelsea won 2-0 in the end.. Malaysia did all it can to secure no more 2 goals.. And for chelsea.. hem.. in my point of view.. Chelsea only put up 40% of performance in this match.. perhaps they should score more.. I wan to see Malaysia kena teruk teruk.. nyahaha!

we left the stadium around 11oclock.. and hell... it was so tiring.. haha..
so ok.. I will end this entry now.. super long..
lol.. the stadium is not that cool actually when you got in..
wonder why?

*ok..Here's why*

August 4, 2008

Say Cheese!

No.. not about the chelsea vs malaysia match.. I will update that later.. just sabar ok ppl.. My time is pack.. nyahaha.. promise will update in the shortest time la k...

Check me and Desmond out in cheesie's site~!

She's quite chio ohh.. haha.. and we're not hamsap k..
She's much elder than us.. lol..
will be back for more.. bb!

August 3, 2008


No.. this post do not related to Kimchi .. I just dont no what title to put on for this post.. the one in this pic is KimJim.. some time I call him Kimchi..
We I did this to him while he was sleeping at the night when me and my friends went to A' Famosa Resort at the schools holiday..and I spotted this just now on friedster.. lol.. so ngam~

Yeah.. memang halal.. but anyway.. do anyone here tried before a toothpaste with pig or any animal contain?
lol.. can you imagine how will it taste or smell like?

Leong Ping thinks that it will taste like a chip.. XD!