December 30, 2008


Hola amigos.. I am back from Singapore.. No doubt.. It was fun and what a nice place to visit..
It took about 3 hours to travels.. So.. see what was with me.. lol..

See... true ghost stories by freako Russell Lee.. lol..

Stay at bedok and non of these stories are about it.. lol.

Well.. this year I spent my Christmas at there.. Me and Chow Keat went to Orchard Road.. lightings were great at there but I still think that celebrating with a bunch of friends will be better.. lol.. Some how I found myself missing everyone at Melaka.. but now that I am back.. so no more missing.. lol..

there were so many ppls at there.. Humans and vehicles were both jammed.!

ok.. here you go.. Its New Year Eve now.. wishing everyone Happy New Year..! May god always bless you guys..! oh yea.. thats more bout Singapore.. stay tune. will be back for more. chaoz!

*~TeRrY~*New Year New Life!

December 24, 2008

So Long My Friends!

I am currently at Singapore... yea.. its so different at here compare to Melaka or should I say Malaysia..? ok.. fine.. whatever it is.. I am sending a regard here to everyone that are living in Malaysia.. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year..! Sorry to my friends out there.. I couldn't send you guys a sms cause it will be very expensive to send a sms from here.. So get my wishes through my blog k.. lol.. And for those guys who are going to NS.. I will be missing you guys a lot! Please take a goof care for yourself.. Dont get bully by those 'wantans'.. Here is a tip to you.. Eat more Char Siu before you go to there.. haha..

Think positively.. It will be very fun k! :)

So long guys..! I will be back by this weekend.. And I have many things to share with you guys about Singapore..Sorry that I have forgotten to bring my Bluetooth along.. so when I am back then only I will blog about my trip.. dont miss me.. toodles..

*~TeRrY~* Pls bring me back a bullet if possible.. thx!

December 21, 2008

Beach Outing

damn.. I think I am the last one to blog about this.. this was like how many days ago yet it was so fun.. About 15 of us went to Patai Kemunting.. located at Masjid Tanah? lol. no idea where its.. the place is like so far away from town.. what really make it difference from our town's beach is that the sea water is far more clearer than in town.. our mother earth these days is getting bad to worst and one day alien will take it away from us just like in The Day The Earth Stood Still.. shit where was I.. lol. terpesong.. ook.. pictures will do the magic..

Yeap.. we fished..

And caught nothing.. lol..

kk.. teamwork time.. prabu's car was stuck in the sand..

Everyone helped out and saved his car.. lol..

Dinner time and we got barbecue as our dinner..

Nice ass shan! ahaha.

We did some camwhore too.. lol

Here's the girl's version..

And here's the guy's version.. eww.. haha..

Say Beach...! lol..

*~TeRrY~*Sunshine Baby!

December 16, 2008

Difine this..

This post may not suitable for minors.. Contains some strong words that may hurt your feelings..
Kids out there ciu ciu..~ come back here next time..

I am busy with outings these days.. sorry people for not updating my blog.. :)
ok.. this will be a fast one from me..

*~TeRrY~*Hell Yeah!

December 5, 2008

New Layout..!

Check out my new layout..! And there's only one person can do the magic.. Thanks Shanwayne!

*~TeRrY~* <3 it!

December 1, 2008

FLO Rida!

Another outing after SPM.. but for this time we try something more different than last time.. lol..
Went to Jean's father shop.. the foods were so yummy.. slrrp.. need to thanks desmond for the ride.. went to Flo at EQ after that.. everything is like so expensive.. even mineral water cause you RM11.. nabeh.. kiam kanak like me sure didnt order anything 1.. haha.. they were drinking Coke and cost them RM15 for a can.. So I only eat those peanuts.. once started eating.. it just like cant stop eating it and of course my throat sore the next day.. ahem.. ok. skip.. there was a Baju Kebaya competition held at there.. lol.. I think everyone just like looking at the models' face rather than their Baju Kebaya.. lol.. some how spotted a good looking model but she is an old aunty.. I am not a MILF hunter! lmao..

Let the pictures do the talking..

This was at EQ's lobby..

At Flo.. Before the Baju Kebaya competition starts.. We guys went for pool.. Sucks on it!

Forced by Calynn and Jean to do this.. Grrghh! *Ah Lian*

At EQ's poolside.. Camwhore!

P.S.-To my neighbours if you're reading my blog.. pls soften the chinese new year songs that you're playing.. Come on.. Its not even Christmas yet!

*~TeRrY~*Under 18s are not allow to enter the bar!

November 29, 2008

Its all over..

Everything is over..! Hell yeah SPM.. I can finally say goodbye to you from my life! wtf.. not gonna miss you.. lol.. and hell dont come and ask me how was the exam.. I am not gonna answer you.. XD
I am back to the blogosphere and the air at here is so fresh.. lol..
hem.. its been so fast yet so long.. the end of SPM.. same goes to the end of my secondary school's life.. No more wearing silly long short in green colour and tuck my shirt in like a AH Pek.. No more waking up at 6.15 in the morning with noisy alarm ringtone.. And no more touching books.. *at least for now*

Here are some random pictures of mine and friends.. enjoy because you wont see us in these silly cloths again.. lol..

This is the last day of SPM!

Dont get it wrong.. this is not my school.. was at shopping complex. XD

Best thing about school's life is that you can always bully people.. muahaha..

And this is what I called Cina Babi.. lol..

two botakS..

It just too good to be true.. thanks god for everyone that appeared in my life.. and thanks to every teachers that teached me.. I am so gonna miss all of you.. but for now.. Its PARTY TIME!

*~TeRrY~* We ROCKS!